Scott Sadil
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About the Author

Raised and educated in southern California, Scott Sadil spent two decades chasing tales of surf worldwide, a pursuit which helped initiate him into the uncertainties and unexpected rewards of the writing life. Waiting for swells along beaches of the eastern Pacific, he began casting flies afoot, an adventure retold in his first book, the memoir Angling Baja: One man’s fly fishing journey through the surf. His second book, the novel Cast from the Edge: Tales of an Uncommon Fly Fisher, follows the exploits, failings, and redemption of one Francis Sepic, a narrator whose story shares more similarities with the author’s own life than he cares to admit. For the past decade, Sadil has published stories and essays in all of the significant fly fishing magazines, including Fly Rod & Reel, Gray’s Sporting Journal, The Drake, The Flyfish Journal, American Angler, California Fly Fisher and others. A former Fishtrap Fellow, he now lives with his two sons in Hood River, Oregon, where he also teaches at the public high school and instructs beginning fly fishers through Portland Parks and Recreation.

Scott Sadil’s latest book, Fly Tales: Lessons in Fly Fishing Like the Real Guys, was published by Barclay Creek Press in August, 2010. A collection of his fiction, Lost in Wyoming, was published in July, 2009, also by Barclay Creek Press. Lost in Wyoming was also selected as a finalist for the 2011 Ken Kesey Oregon Book Award in Fiction.

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Scott Sadil