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"Lost and Found" - The Flyfish Journal, Vol 3, Issue 2, 2011

"Get Lucky" - California Fly Fisher, October 2011

"Trey Combs" - The Drake, Vol 13 Issue 3, 2011

"A Better Caddis" - California Fly Fisher, August 2011

"Ethics" - American Angler July/August 2011

"Diving Caddis" - Big Sky Journal Fly Fishing 2011

"Ojo Del Toro" - Fly Rod & Reel Spring 2011

"Rattlesnake Canyon" - The Flyfish Journal 2.4

"Klickitat Spring" - Gray's Sporting Journal May/June 2011

"Beavertail" - Gray's Sporting Journal March/April 2011

"Travels With Charlie" - 2011 Stonefly

"Interview: California Confluences" - California Fly Fisher Jan/Feb 2011

"Green Butt Muddler" - California Fly Fisher Jan/Feb 2011

"Somebody's Minnow" - California Fly Fisher, Nov/Dec 2010

"Papagallo" - The Flyfish Journal 2.3

"Little Black Caddis - California Fly Fisher, Sept/Oct 2010

"Magdalena Bay" - The Drake Fall/Winter 2010

"Green Humpy" -- The Drake, Fall/Winter 2010

"IOBO" - California Fly Fisher, July/August, 2010

"June" -- The Drake Spring/Summer 2010

July 15, 2011: Back Page Interview with Jody Seay. Click HERE.

May 18, 2011: Localite Interview with Jon Compton. Click HERE.

January 25, 2011: Oregon Literary Arts announced last night that Lost in Wyoming has been selected as a finalist for the 2011 Oregon Book Award in fiction. Winners will be announced April 25. Go to to voted for your favorite finalist.

March 1, 2010
: A new essay by Scott Sadil, "Where the Chips Fall," will be included in I'm Going to College--Not You, a collection by parents with sons and daughters attending college. I'm Going to College--Not You, edited by Jennifer Delahunty, dean of admissions at Kenyon College, will be published in August, 2010, by St. Martin's Press.

February 15, 2010: Read Chris Camuto's review of Lost in Wyoming in the Feb/March 2010 issue of Gray's Sporting Journal. Click HERE




Scott Sadil